About Us

Our Business Values

As a brand we are taking responsibility for connecting the consumer to the earth in the form of quality clothing, and making choices for the good of All. In a world obsessed with consuming, we encourage you to slow down and use your purchasing power for mindful living.

Our Inspiration to Create

Working in the local fashion industry is an eye opener, the pace at which the product is created is both exciting and shocking. Fashion today is not like it used to be. Clothing design seems to have lost it’s wonder and turned into a formula to create as much product as possible, as fast as possible. The result being a product that is often not unique, well made nor long lasting. The resources put into creating these products is enormous, and often overlooked. Supply chains span the globe and can be difficult to track. There are many hands from different countries that touch the product along the way. So much happens behind the scenes in creating a garment.

Shanteal Rose Atelier works towards creating quality and timeless pieces made from natural fibres sourced and created as locally as possible. Shanteal Rose is dedicated to showcasing the creation process from start to finish by creating clothing that tells a story.

The story begins with natural and organic fibre chosen from sources as locally as possible. Then we design the fabric which will be woven on a hand loom one piece of yarn at a time. This process lets us see the design come to life right in front of our eyes.

Our Philosophy

Shanteal Rose Atelier is a slow fashion, family-run company working towards three important goals.

  1. Purposeful Design
  2. People
  3. Environment

We strive to create clothing that you will love for a long time. To do that we focus on designing purposeful pieces that you can live in, year after year. Our carefully chosen fabrics are all natural and organic whenever possible. The people we connect with along the way are what drives us to do better. From the farmers that grow the fibres, the mill workers that weave and knit the fabric, to the sewers that construct each piece by hand. We foster relationships with the people we work with because without them we couldn’t do what we do. And we love what we do!